Traditional and contemporary kilts sewn to order

 Paul Henry Kilts

It is always difficult to process an order without some personal contact, but there is a online form here which you can  complete, or a downloadable one which you can return via email.

Please give as much information as you can, but upon receipt of the order  I will contact you and check and finalise all the details of your order, and discuss the payment details. Usually an invoice for 50% of the order value  is emailed to you,which you can pay by paypal, visa, or mastercard.

Please email  if you have any questions or need further help    info@paulhenrykilts.com

It’s always hard to give an exact price for a custom made kilt, as there are so many variables for examples different weavers offer different tartans at different prices but the following guides should give you a good idea of where prices start.

All with traditional knife pleats

Traditional 8 yard kilt  in 16 oz tartan from £425,

Traditionally styled 5 yard kilts in 16 oz tartan from £315,  in Harris tweed from £375

Contemporary 5 yard denim kilt  starts from £195

For a special weave tartan there is a supplement of at least £175

For measurements larger than 45” an extra charge will apply

There are many variations possible, for example more of less fabric,  or special pleating arrangements.

Some tartans are more expensive than others , and the choice of possible fabrics for a contemporary kilt is enormous.

Before any work is begun  a firm quotation is offered and acceptance of the order must be accompanied by a 50%  deposit

I am happy to  advise on  on all aspects of the fabric choice,  making sure that the fabric chosen is the perfect one for your kilt.

Post and packing charges are extra and are charged according to weight or volume.

Even if you are not completely sure of the fabric it would be helpful to give me a suggest of the type or pattern required , for example tartan or tweed

Measurements can be in either imperial or metric, just be consistent , please follow the directions on how to measure to ensure perfect results

 Paul Henry Kilts

     Traditional and contemporary kilts sewn to order

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