Traditional and contemporary kilts sewn to order

 Paul Henry Kilts

Kilt wearing is becoming more and more popular as  people realise how comfortable and adaptable a kilt is. Gone are the days of only wearing the kilt for formal occasions.

Originally the kilt was for everyday wear and it is very refreshing to see that people are wearing it, once again in the “traditional” way!

Paired with  sturdy shoes or boots and scrunched down socks, even with sandals or perhaps  bare feet.

With t shirts and casual jackets, kilts are enjoying a new lease of life.

The choice of fabric can now range from cottons, denims,linens , even to  brightly coloured  and decorated  ones, in addition to the more usual tartan and tweeds.

All of these kilts are still made with a traditional high waist , full apron,and have a good depth in the pleats, but contain between 5 - 6 yards of cloth They are machine stitched but they still resemble a more traditional style of kilt