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 Paul Henry Kilts

The Scottish Wildcat Tartan
I’m very happy to be involved with this tartan, specially designed to help raise interest in the plight of the Scottish wildcat. The colours have been carefully selected to reflect the shades and tones of the Scottish Wildcat, woven in pure wool in the traditional twill, this cloth is a wonderful reminder of this indigenous wild cat unique to the Highlands.
For more information about the Wildcat and  to visit the Wildcat Haven website, click on the image.
The initial idea to help the wildcats came as a result of a visiting American to the Scottish Highlands, seeing the Wildcat Haven and wanting to help to support them. As he is a kilt wearer and a long term member of an internet kilt forum there was discussion of how best to help, and of course the idea of a tartan was suggested. An idea from Glen Allardyce sparked interest and after lots of design and colour input from many others, the result was  a tartan that the community were pleased to give to the Wildcat Haven. So far we have woven more than 160 metres of tartan, raising funds for the Wildcat Haven.
you can also email me directly if you have any questions on : wildcat@paulhenrykilts.com