Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

Sometimes a tartan tie is just the right accent,  as you can’t always wear a kilt for every occasion!
Ties are a great idea for  gifts for weddings, commemrations, birthdays, and perhaps even Scottish themed events where kilts might be difficult

I’m happy  to make ties out of tartan to order, but there is a minimum order of 5  ties - of either type.

The ties are a traditional shape and style, and generally lends itself to a smaller knot as tartan is  slighly bulky fabric.

I make self tie bow ties as well but the pre-tied ones tend to be a little more popular, and they sit a little  better on a collar as well, even if they are not quite so authentic!


Either style  £35 each - minimum of 5, can be mixed

Almost any tartan is possible, please find if you have  a particular one in  mind.