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The Whiteside Tartan 

This tartan is a gift to the entire Whiteside family and any descendant who wishes to use it.

Named after the client's ancestor Thomas Whiteside, born in Nithsdale, Scotland in 1633, just west of the area of the Whiteside's ancestral home, Whiteside Tower. In the mid 12th century, Audoen of Whiteside was granted land in Innerwick Scotland, where the tower of Whiteside was erected in the 15th century. The Whiteside's were boarder raiders. In 1587, the family was condemned and deported to Ireland. Later they migrated to England, Canada, Australia, and America. The Whiteside family have an interesting history which includes members fighting on all 3 sides during the American revolution, a valiant allied military history, and even NASA scientists.

This tartan celebrates the family's history.

Brown: represents the horses and cattle liberated by the Whiteside's along the Scottish border;
Grey: represents the steel border lance used by the Whiteside's to provide for their family;
A fine white line: represents the name 'Whiteside'
A fine red: line has been included in memory of the family members who have served in war.

 We are planning the first weaving of this tartan, it  will be £54 per double width (148 cm wide) metre in worsted wool excluding  excluding delivery.  

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