Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

5Scarves are a great way of wearing  tartan, these are 100% new wool, which has been slightly felted and brushed to raise the nap and ensure  softness. The ends are hand purled in the traditional way which adds an extra  mark of style and the sides have a narrow fringe.

All prices excluding postage

Standard  scarf   25 cm x 180 cm price from stock - £35 when available

Can be made to order - minimum of 4  scarves   from £40 each - depending on the tartan

Extra large  scarf/Sash 40 cm x 230 cm 
Made to order - minimum of 3 scarves   from £90 each - depending on the tartan

All sizes are approximate.

I am happy to quote for larger sizes for plaids or blankets, with either a purl edge or a simple fringe

for details of  plaids, click here