Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

 Remnants and Patchwork


I often have small pieces of tartan or tweed left over, sometimes enough for  a waist coat, but pieces are seldom larger than about 40 cms,  I'm always happy to sell these pieces  as remnants, it's often worth asking if I have a particular tartan, or perhaps  a palette of certain colours.

There is a mix of different weights of cloth, but they all come from some of the very best weavers in the UK

The pieces are sold by weight , but it works out at about 50% of the normal yardage  price .-  £6/100gm excluding post

I also sell 200 gm bags of small scraps and pieces which are perfect for small craft projects and patchwork , each bag contains a  random selection of tartans and tweeds and I'm afraid I can't specially select, it's just a lucky draw!

A 200 gm bag of pieces costs £3.00 excluding post