Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

Hand knitted kilt garters  available in red, blue, green, or yellow. With 2 or 3 pairs  of garters you will have enough to go with almost any kilt in your collection. Of course  there is nothing stopping you have a complete range of colours either!

They are knit to order so special colours or sizes, or special variations can also be easily  dealt with but may have a small extra surcharge depending on the colours.

I've used these types of garters for a while now, and they are very comfortable, much more so than the elastic type, if you haven't tried them , you should! They are easy and quick to tie with a simple overhand knot.


£30 per pair excluding postage

Each of the standard colours are actually a gentle  mix of several related tones which give a very traditional and tweedy look, but will  have an overall look of the main colour. The will always be variations in the colouring as the thread mix is done by hand from  current stock yarns held.

I  am happy to produce flashes, from tartan to match with your kilt, with an elastic garter which is hidden under the hose cuff. These are  worn in the outside edge of the leg .


£20 per pair excluding postage

Hand linked kilt hose in lovat blue, green, bottle green, and navy  in small, medium,large, and extra large

These are excellent hose with a wool/ nylon mix to ensure comfort and durablity, They are made by the House of Edgar  or Lochcarron  in Scotland.


£25 per pair excluding postage