Paul Henry Kilts

Traditional and Contemporary kilts sewn to order                                           

Worsted Tartan


Available in different fabric weights, but usually 11 -13 oz or 16 oz. These are usually hand sewn.The heavier cloth is by far the most traditional , and hangs  and displays very well, so it might be the best choice for a full traditional kilt. The lighter weight fabric is good for  warmer weather, but is also not as heavy to wear, something to remember  as there could  be about 8 yards of fabric  in the kilt.

Not all tartans are available in all weights, but with careful selection from different weavers  solutions are usually possible, infact many weavers produce a sightly different variation in clan tartans , either in colouring of size of the sett, so the choice is  huge, but I’m happy to help with the decision!

Among the weavers I use are  Locharron   and House of Edgar click to see  part of their range,. Another weaver is Andrew Elliot Ltd , excellent cloth and one of the very few companies willing to special runs. 

Woollen Tweeds 

Available in a selection of weights  from very light to very heavy, includes traditional cloth from the  Hebrides, such as Harris tweed, as well as finer cloth from some English producers such as these everyday tweeds. These kilts can be hand or machine sewn.

Cotton, Denim  and Linen 

Suitable in the heavier weights and kilts in these fabrics are machine sewn, normally using about 5 or  6 yards of fabric. 
These kilts are still styled in a traditional way but have a contemporary  feel, they don’t have the  same swish as a woollen kilt, but they are a very practical solution to a more everyday and working kilt.

If you have a particular fabric in mind, contact me to find out if it is possible, I enjoy working with different or unusual fabrics and will try to use whatever you choose.


If you are interested in supplying your own fabric  click here